Für mehr Diversität in Hamburger Clubs

Die Hamburger Clubs bieten ein vielfältiges und weltoffenes Programm, dennoch ist offensichtlich, dass bestimmte Dinge unterrepräsentiert sind: Die Präsenz von weiblichen Musikerinnen ist nach wie vor deutlich geringer als die ihrer männlichen Kollegen und auch die Herkunftsländer der Bands befinden sich hauptsächlich in Mitteleuropa und den USA.
Bestimmte Hörgewohnheiten haben sich bereits etabliert und dadurch, dass auch Musikclubs wirtschaftlich handeln müssen, bleibt nur wenig Platz für Neues und Experimentelles.
Mit unserer geplanten Konzertreihe "Kontrapunkt" möchten wir genau hier ansetzen und gezielt die Bands und MusikerInnen nach Hamburg holen, die einen hohen musikalischen Anspruch haben, bisher aber nicht die verdiente Aufmerksamkeit erfahren haben.
Um hierbei die Hemmschwelle möglichst gering zu halten, sich auf neue oder auch unkonventionelle Musik einzulassen, möchten wir die Eintrittspreise so gering wie möglich halten, so dass gleichzeitig auch vielen unterschiedlichen Menschen die Teilhabe ermöglicht wird.
Für diese Konzertreihe erhalten wir einen finanzielle Unterstützung aus dem Musikstadtfonds der Hamburger Behörde für Kultur und Medien
Do 28.11.2019
Hafenklang | Konzert

Umut Adan (Psych Rock, Türkei)

Umut Adan is a Turkish musician born and bred in Istanbul.
Since he was a kid, he was exposed to a variety of cultural influences and soon came
under the spell of folk music, with a particular interest for 70’s Anadolu Pop – the folk
- rock movement that became the soundtrack of a historic period full of amazing transitions and dramatic changes.
After relocating to Italy, Umut began working on his own songs, releasing a couple of
45’s produced by Marco Fasolo (mastermind of psych-pop mavericks Jennifer Gentle,
the first Italian band signed by Sub Pop). The singles had limited release but anyway
were able to get excellent reviews from critics like Byron Coley (The Wire)
Soon after that Umut returned to Turkey, kept playing live and finally got picked up by
Jack White as the opening act for his Turkish tour.
Comforted by the warm reception, Umut then started planning his first full release.
The eponymous album was recorded in London at Toe Rag Studios and the sessions were
helmed by Marco Fasolo and Liam Watson (who has worked with a list of notable clients
going from the Kills to the White Stripes).
The final result is an album of folk-inflected songs, but with lots of fuzz guitars and funky
breaks in the best 70’s Turkish psych tradition and also peppered here and there by
weirder arrangement touches like inventive percussion or the mellotron that spices up a
song like “Güneş”.


Eintritt: 12.00 € | Eintritt VVK: 10.00 €
 | Open: 20:00 | Start: 21:00
So 08.12.2019
Goldener Salon | Konzert


Here comes the third European tour to discover these 4 wild animals
pioneers of the challenging, confusing, mesmerizing Indonesian experience (since 2005)
which incite ecstatic, ethnic, sonic, hectic, frenetic dementia!
Esthete quartet ; Hardcore quatuor ; All mad all flame ; A breathtaking and vibrant discovery.
Original combo around RULLY SHABARA —from surrealist vocalist duo loco SENYAWA—


Eintritt: 10,00 € | Eintritt VVK: 8,00 €
 | Open: 20:00 | Start: 21:00
Mi 11.12.2019
Goldener Salon | Konzert

Mc Waraba & Mélèké Tchatcho (Mali)

We owe to Mc’s of the Supreme Talent Show, Mc Waraba & Mélèké Tchatcho, “ Tassaba”, “Sida” or “Fassy” namely popular titles, sung by all the Malian youth at the dawn of 2010.

Everything started in 2009, they appeared on the 1rst compilation “Balani Show”: Balani show super hits: sahelsounds.bandcamp.com street- parties-from-mali

And then come out their album "Danbé" on the label “Sahel Sound” based in Portland – USA created by Christopher Kirkley. In parallel from 2013, they met and worked with Dom Peter (High Tone crew) and his electronic project: Midnight Ravers - Many collaborations follows of this meeting (live, feat, remix of Mawimbi and Spoek Mathambo) and a presentation of their rap 100% made in Mali in 2015 on a unique creation at the Eurockéennes de Belfort broadcast on Arte.

This second album composed during the year 2019 is a concentrate of modern Malian music, mix of shifted remixed coupe, listened amply by young people influenced by the sound of Nigeria or neighboring Ghana but which preserves the Mandingo DNA (Balafon / Taman / Kora)


Gefördert durch die Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg, Behörde für Kultur und Medien.

Eintritt: 10.00 € | Eintritt VVK: €
 | Open: 20:00 | Start: 21:00
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