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Do 12.10.2017
Goldener Salon | Konzert

Mint Mind (HH) + Radula (SWE)

mint mind is a new project from self proclaimed all around musical multi-tasker and electric wizard Rick McPhail. after investing the last few years in his proggy-melancholic project glacier (of maine) McPhail felt the need to go back and do something more primitive, less ambitious and actually fun again. sound-wise the idea was to do something fuzzy with a garage-y feel and attitude but to try to avoid the typical formulas used in garage music. unfortunately as we all know the garage genre is quite full of many retro fetishists that only listen to about a 3 year window of the history of rock n roll and McPhail listens to about a 30 year window. dogma-wise this meant to try stay away from many of the genre’s go to formulas such as the macho sonics, seeds , etc. sound alike type vocals incorporated in most of the style, the typical start/stop style riffs a la the kinks many bands use or even the often obligatory reverb overladen crappy sound. instead, much like many punk/indie bands of the late 70’s to late 80’s (such as early SST screaming trees, mudhoney, pixies, pavement, love and rockets, dinosaur jr., etc.) the beautiful simplicity, energy and rawness is used as a sound template but songwriting-wise a wider horizon of influences is allowed. so, when feeling hippie or trippy, be trippy. if feeling indie, let your inner indie out. through this openness in influences mint mind’s music becomes a mixture of sweet and sour fuzzy riffage underlined by a laid back slackerness that simultaneously gives nods to a mix of bands from the 60’s to present day. impossible as it sounds, mint mind is still able to mix and balance all these influences without them seeming forced together or contrived. blah blah blah blah, and so on, and so on...


Radula is your friend of a friend who started a band with other friends in a basement in Stockholm and here we are. We play what some label as indie pop with crying guitars in dark rooms and naive melodies. We sing with all our voices but sometimes let the drum beat tell the joke. The songs might remind you of something you heard in a car stereo twenty-five years ago when you still dreamt about the sunny west coast, wore bangs and your brothers worn out t-shirt. But you stayed where you are and soon before the millenium new people were born that grew up and now when it’s their turn to hit the big city club floors, the tunes might all sound new. And when the young adults dream of other suns on other distant coasts, we’d like to play for them.

Radula is Hillevi Duus on drums (also a member of the bands Hunt and Growth), Tove Möller on electric guitar (To All My Friends) and Ella Blixt on bass guitar (It’s A Musical, Nikita, Bobby and Blumm).


Eintritt: 8.00 €
 | Open: 20:00 | Start: 21:00