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So 14.10.2018
Goldener Salon | Konzert

The Godfathers (UK, Alternative Rock)
support: Magic Shoppe (USA,Hypnotic Reverb Rock)

Legendary British band The Godfathers (famed for their explosive live concerts, mob inspired image & classic, primal rock & roll songs like ‘I Want Everything’, ‘This Damn Nation’, ‘Birth School Work Death’, ‘Cause I Said So’, ‘She Gives Me Love’, ‘Walking Talking Johnny Cash Blues’ & ‘Unreal World’) released a brand new album in February 2017 called ‘A Big Bad Beautiful Noise’ that was critically acclaimed as a career best release for the London band. They’re currently writing songs for the follow-up…



Magic Shoppe

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 | Open: 20:00 | Start: 21:00
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