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So 11.11.2018
Goldener Salon | Konzert

Achtung Frühshow!

GUST (Hardcore, Schweden)

Sect [sekt] Noun: "A dissenting or schismatic group of people with somewhat
different beliefs -typically regarded as heretical - from those of a larger group to which they belong.”

With two countries and four hometowns between them, Sect was born when two project ideas between tour mates merged into the same experiment, finally taking shape in 2015 and culminating in recording sessions in Raleigh NC in early 2016. Sect is comprised of five veterans of ‘90s hardcore who cut their teeth in that formative moment of political, cynical, antagonistic extremes. They each went on to put in their time in bands spanning all corners of the hardcore and xvx worlds, though they’d rather skip the ex-members talk entirely and get right down to the blast beats and breakdowns that fight it out in their chaotic jams - aka cut the shit and go for the throat. Because the Orwellian police states and irreparable social and ecological disasters we once saw off on the horizon are now on our front doorsteps, in full swing - and in just such a volatile, precarious moment as this for civilization, there is more reason than ever to keep lashing out at a world more suicidally bent on its own destruction and the exploitation of people, species and the ecosystem itself, than perhaps ever before in history. For Sect, this is the purpose of hardcore as they know it, conveying an urgency that transcends age, credentials or scene politics, to convert desperation into real talk and action.

Sect - Sect LP Self - titled, self -released LP coming Summer 2016. Distributed
in North America by Deathwish Inc, Revelation, A389 and more. World: Get it on Reflections Records in the EU, Caustic Recordings in Brazil, Alliance Trax
in Jap an, Cactus Records in Malaysia, and through Resist in Australia.

SECT II coming Fall 2017 via Southern Lord Records!


A swedish band that dexterously mixes crust rhythmics with hardcore verve without the result sounding somehow dully. The opposite is true. GUST can be put next to such bands like CURSED, OATHBREAKER, BAPTISTS or DEATH IN THE DIRT.

Live this band will kick your ass. I guess no need to add they are one of the horses of Southern Lord's stable…

The fierce four piece skillfully combine crushing D­beat rhythms with a classic hardcore punk directness, and bring forth a maelstrom of metallic riffs, amalgamating into one brutal and arresting sonic assault, fans of Cursed, and Converge especially will enjoy.

GUST released their debut and self titled album through Southern Lord Recordings August 2014. This LP was self recorded at Fvck Life Studios and is mastered by and features guest vocals by Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise, Warcry) on the track "Humility In Disguise".


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