Red Mass (Punk, CAN) + Night Punch (Punk, HH)

Mi 19.02.20

Goldener Salon


Einlass: 20:00Beginn: 21:00

Eintritt: 10.00

Red Mass (Punk, CAN) + Night Punch (Punk, HH)

Foto - Event - Red Mass (Punk, CAN) + Night Punch (Punk, HH)

First time ever in Germany!!

Red Mass, the ambitious Montreal art/psych/punk collective led by Roy Vucino (also of PYPY and CPC Gangbangs), have been going for a decade now, though they’ve spent the last few years in semi-hibernation. Newly energized, Roy and collaborator Hannah Lewis are back with a new Red Mass album, Kilrush Drive, which is out March 22 via No Coast / Label Étiquette. The record was made with producer Mingo L’indien (Les Georges Leningrad) with some help from Besnard Lakes’ Jace Lacek and Martin Bisi (who’s worked with everyone from Sonic Youth to Herbie Hancock), and Roy incorporates everything from dark postpunk to hip hop inspired beats and more into his vision.

Montreal’s Red Mass prep new LP (listen to “God’s House”), touring |
The variable artists involved create a diverse and profound array of images, sounds and planes of existence. While being created and held together by, Roy ‘Choyce’ Vucino, the band has been ever evolving and constantly in progress since it’s beginning point. The project is now also affiliated with the music collectives the Seventh Order of Chaos & Brakhage. Drawing on roots music, punk, rock’n’roll, metal, folk, pop and experimental threads… Red Mass has an illusion for all

2 shows so far! Both absolutely KILLER!!