Las Kellies (Garage/Punk/Dub, Argentinia)

So 05.04.20

Goldener Salon


Einlass: 20:00Beginn: 21:00

Eintritt: 10.00VVK: 8.00

Las Kellies (Garage/Punk/Dub, Argentinia)

Foto - Event - Las Kellies (Garage/Punk/Dub, Argentinia)

*Argentinian grrl group Las Kellies return with new album 'Suck This
Tangerine' out 27th March on Fire Records and will be touring Europe in
Spring 2020.*

*Sucking you in, Las Kellies takes us straight back to the party reminding
us of what we've been missing with their libidinous mix of garage, punk and

*Thrashing it out on the dancefloor, 'Suck This Tangerine' deals with the
difficulties of a society in never ending crisis ('Funny Money') to the
highs and lows in relationships ('He's Who', 'Let You Go') and
theres a guest appearance from ex-Kellie Julia Worley on 'Close Talker'.*

*Recorded at home in Buenos Aires, the chemistry of the duos formative
years remains as does their febrile new wave post-punk sound soaked in
fiery dance beats and dub-pop.*

*Their first release since 2016 'Friends & Lovers' was impressively
varied (The Vinyl District) whilst seamlessly melding psych/fuzz pop,
post-punk attitude and dance beats (Louder Than War). *

*Las Kellies are Cecilia Kelly (bass, guitars, vocals) and Silvina Costa
(drums, percussion and vocals).*
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