Guitar Wolf (Punk/R'n'R, Japan) + The Hippriests (Punkrock, Berlin)

Mo 30.05.22



Einlass: 20:00Beginn: 21:00

Eintritt: 20.00VVK: 17.00

Guitar Wolf (Punk/R'n'R, Japan) + The Hippriests (Punkrock, Berlin)

Foto - Event - Guitar Wolf (Punk/R

“Don’t move needle, just red zone” – this quotation by Guitar Wolf during a recording session shows what Guitar Wolf is all about: Three guys and their dedication to true Rock’n Roll!

In contrast to many other rock bands, Guitar Wolf is truly living the Rock’n Roll lifestyle like no one has ever done before and you can hear that in their songs: Sweat, blood, tears and unfiltered pure energy result in wild and destructive Rock’n Roll anthems! But Rock’n Roll is still not enough for a band like Guitar Wolf and so they launched a whole new genre called „Jet Rock’n Roll“ which depicts best the wild mixture of Punk, Rock and Noise!

Guitar Wolf has gained a cult status all around the world, like no other Japanese band before! Their fierce live performances and apperance in the Trash-Rock’n Roll movie „Wild Zero“ caused a lot of attention all over the world.

+ The Hippriests are a Punkrock band from Berlin, Germany.

Formed under the spell of Mark E.Smith in the late 80s this powerfull Berlin based trio becomes the perpetuum mobile of Garage Punk. Excessively touring Germany and Europe with bands that read like the encyclopaedia of Rockandroll from Dead Moon, New Bomb Turks, Rocket From The Crypt to zombies who no longer exist. Unlike their contemporaries they never believe or rely on product, rather sticking a finger up the rear of a decaying industry and wrack havoc on stage. Although leaving a trace for the record collecting nerds and fiends of fetisch 5 vinyl 7"s on various labels (including their own: Anger Factory), one Cd on Amöbenklang, some compilation tracks and a flexi disc can be found in the vaults of oblivion. Dedicated followers of fashion love them for their extraordinary taste of crossing language and dressing code borders. Firm believers of the strict punkrockcode embrace them for their simplicity in chordchanges. As Adam Ant once said about music and knowledge: "You may not like the things we do but only idiots ignore the truth". To this day The Hippriests are the living proof that the truth is out there. Supported by JEVER LIVE