Dragged Under (Hardcore / Metal, US)

Mi 29.06.22



Einlass: 19:00Beginn: 20:00

VVK: 21.40

Dragged Under (Hardcore / Metal, US)

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Kingstar presents DRAGGED UNDER

The Seattle quintet - Tony Cappocchi [vocals], Ryan Bruce [guitar], Sean Rosario [guitar], Hans Hessburg [bass], and Kalen Anderson [drums] —strike an elusive balance between thrashed-up punk, pit-splitting hardcore, technical metal, and hook-y alternative. You could kickflip off a half-pipe or throwdown on a festival field to it. Generating five million collective streaming under-the-radar, seven million to-date, and receiving acclaim from Alternative Press and more, the group's 2020 full-length debut, The World Is In Your Way [Mascot Records], floods the game with a fresh fire as it tosses and turns amidst emotional extremes.