Between Bodies + Wasted Years + Goblyn

Fr 13.10.23



Einlass: 20:00Beginn: 21:00

Eintritt: 15.00VVK: 12.60

Between Bodies + Wasted Years + Goblyn

Foto - Event - Between Bodies + Wasted Years + Goblyn

Cologne • I Corrupt Records
Remember when SAMIAM were at the top of their game and wrote songs that simply put another climax after what seemed like the climax just because they could? Listen to Between Bodies’ Fire Alarm and you’ll know. Simply great songwriting from these Cologne-kids. And the voice. Holy smokes. If the FLATLINERS should ever need someone to replace their singer because he went on to replace the singer in HOT WATER MUSIC, they should probably give Between Bodies a call. Oh and strangely enough, I should probably give the same advice to PLACEBO

Cologne • Not Sorry Records
“It might just be a coincidence, but WASTED YEARS, despite being a brand new band, remind me of nerdy bands from the heydays of indie-emo in the mid-90ties – HANKSHAW, SAMUEL, maybe even BABY GOPAL – kind of a sound long gone and forgotten and seldomly reviewed by bands these days. And i’ll gladly dive right into ex-band-name dropping here, because what a list do we have got here: This band is (among others) ex-SHORT FUSE, VADERS, FORCE OF CHANGE, PUNCH…sounds mouth-watering right?

Hamburg • La Pochette Surprise Records
Goblyn are a angry Post Punk Quartet.
Their music feels incredibly personal on the one hand and universal on the other. Goblyn's sound is a modern dream child of an inglorious liaison between the B52s, HAWKWIND and SLEAFORD MODS.