Negative Approach (Detroit, USA) + Puffer (Montreal, CAN)Hardcore - HC Punk

Di 21.05.24



Einlass: 19:00Beginn: 20:00

Eintritt: 22.00VVK: 18.00

Negative Approach (Detroit, USA) + Puffer (Montreal, CAN)Hardcore - HC Punk

Foto - Event - Negative Approach (Detroit, USA) + Puffer (Montreal, CAN)

Negative Approach was born in Detroit, MI. in 1981 with John Brannon on vocals, OP Moore on drums, and Rob & Graham McCulloch playing guitar and bass, respectively. They released one ten song 7 and a full length (both on Touch and Go) before disbanding in 1985. John Brannon went on to form Laughing Hyenas. Negative Approach’s minimalist (read: 30 second songs) and aggressive brand of punk inspired countless hardcore bands around the globe. Their classic LP, Tied Down, is still in print and considered paramount by most any hardcore abecedarian.
The band is now idolized in the Detroit rock underground and the punk subculture, considered to be one of the elite bands of the "old school" era, and continues to be influential. Negative Approach initially broke up in 1985, but the band has reformed as of 2006 and continues to tour sporadically.