Powder for Pigeons (Rock, GER/AUS)

Fr 29.07.22

Goldener Salon


Einlass: 20:00Beginn: 21:00

Eintritt: 14.00VVK: 11.00

Powder for Pigeons (Rock, GER/AUS)

As fate would have it, 2013 had a magnetic pull that would bring Australian singer
and guitarist Rhys and female German drummer Meike from opposite ends of the earth
together through a strong musical bond.

Drawing inspiration from bands such as Helmet, Rage Against The Machine, NIN,
Primus, QOTSA, Faith no More to name a few, the Power Duo have earned themselves a
reputation for putting on relentlessly energetic, sweaty and well crafted Wall of
Rock performances. Quiet often their structured songs will trickle into soundscapes
and off the cuff transitions with a full sonic assault and attitude to burn - this
two piece has the presence and sound of a five man band (Rock Hard Magazine).

Since Powder for Pigeons was founded they have spent nine months of the year touring
extensively in Europe before relocating to rural Western Australia to spend the
stifling hot summer months writing and recording new material and preparing for the
next tour. The extreme change of environment and landscapes have bared a deep impact
on songwriting, playing and tonality of Powder For Pigeons from year to year.

Rhys’ thick vocal melodies and downtuned style of playing guitar through three
different amplifiers along with his self made custom double output guitars holds all
bass and guitar duties down whilst Meike’s ability to create powerful drum rhythms
that lock in tight with the biggest of riffs, creating a distinctive wall of sound
which cannot be mistaken for any other band.

Successfully pursuing the DIY approach, the two have stamped their brand of two
piece power rock to their ever growing fan base, have recently been on tour with
Monster Magnet, Ugly Kid Joe and have shared stages with Soulfly, Dog Eat Dog,
Melvins, Clutch, Fu Manchu. Having played all kinds of festivals, big and small such
as Czad Festiwal (PL), Vestrock (NL), Ollesummer (EST), Freakvalley (D), Up in smoke
(CH), Roadkill (B), Desertfest (D) among many others, underlines Powder For Pigeons'
status as one of the most exiting up and coming acts.

In 2020 PFP will be blasting their brand new album "TECTONIC CRUST" up in your face
on stages around Europe with a punishing live set that pushes two piece rock to
fresh new heights.