Exek (Post-Punk, AUS)

Di 15.11.22

Goldener Salon


Einlass: 20:00Beginn: 21:00

Eintritt: 13.00VVK: 10.00

Exek (Post-Punk, AUS)

Foto - Event - Exek (Post-Punk, AUS)

On February 4, Australian atmospheric/dubby post-punk group EXEK released their fourth album, Advertise Here, via Castle Face Records. It’s a hazy, psychedelic krautrock/dub-punk record that echoes the collaborative work between Can’s Holger Czukay, Jaki Liebezeit and Public Image Limited’s Jah Wobble, as well as the druggy disorientation of late Portishead and Beak>. It’s at once sinister and beautiful, with horns and synths intertwining into a mesmerizing sheet of sound.

A statement released with the song reads, “Post-punks EXEK turn their gaze towards hip-hop for six-and-a-half stretched-out minutes. During that time, they’re looking out at a landscape resembling something between Ballard’s The Drowned Earth and Waterworld. Drums and bass act as cinder blocks that submerge, whilst thankfully short blasts of trumpet and synths assist in keeping buoyant. Just lay off the benzo’s when dozing off on pool toys.”