Bobby Would (uk) Ski Holiday (HH)

So 12.03.23

Goldener Salon


Einlass: 20:00Beginn: 21:00

Eintritt: 12VVK: 10

Bobby Would (uk) Ski Holiday (HH)

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Ski Holiday (HH)

"IT’S HAPPENING TO YOU, AGAIN…" Lovelorn, tranq’d-out, majestically understated rok y roll lullabies and dub-pocked, acid-damaged, pain’-it-dark drone-punk from Robert P. of Heavy Metal and Muscle Barbie++, coming over like some celestial 4AM face-off between George Harrassment, The Great Unwashed and Can (Low Company)

"Bobby's back with a brand new swing. STYX is, conceptually speaking, his boatman's call, two 13 minute sides of Greek mythology-referencing purgatorial guitar murk, one half on terrafirma, the other floating down the river of the damned... If you remember those first two records on Low Company, or even the pair of records he made under the Itchy Bugger moniker, then you'll already be well acquainted with the openly sardonic, narco chimes of STYX. The fidelity remains of the characteristically 'submerged' variety, which at this point is as much of an instrument as anything actually played. It's a bit post-39 Clocks in that sense, kinda like the Coccon or Exit Out, the hazy gloom a lot of the appeal. "You're definitely doing the hype thing", he sings on Hype On. Are you talking to me, Bobby? Cos i've done a number on you here." - World Of Echo Music

"There are some echoes too of banner UK DIY/squat-wave and the mildewed NZ psych of the Spies and the Renderers, but all shot through with a kinda Teutonic sensibility/rigour, loopy and ultra-repetitive - equal debts to the full-throttle drainpiped psycho-beat of 39 Clocks’ ‘Dom’ and the glacial ambient-glam sampledelia of Love Inc.’s ‘Life’s A Gas’ (!). Rare to encounter a record as simultaneously heart-rending, sonically intrepid and effortlessly SWINGING as this. Couldn't be more in love.”
- Boomkat, UK

Ski holiday are a German-British three-piece from Hamburg bringing bass, drums, synths and guitars to play their enchilada of post-punk, darkwave-ish synth-pop indie music. They have released their debut album „Ski Holadiy“ through Randomfleet in January 2023 which was recorded by and produced with Rick McPhail of Tocotronic and Mint Mind. Listeners of their music have made remarks involving artists such as The Cure, The Psychedelic Furs, Suicide, Pere Ubu , Tame Impala and Wire. You are going to like them too.

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