Cumgirl8 (Post-Punk, NYC) - Pünktlicher Beginn!+ Support: Lucie & The Sluts (D)

Mo 26.09.22

Goldener Salon


Einlass: 20:00Beginn: 20:30

Eintritt: 15.00VVK: 12.00

Cumgirl8 (Post-Punk, NYC) - Pünktlicher Beginn!+ Support: Lucie & The Sluts (D)

Foto - Event - Cumgirl8 (Post-Punk, NYC) - Pünktlicher Beginn!

Brooklyn quartet cumgirl8 placed themselves at odds with the powers that be the second they gave their group its salacious name. It gets them booted from social media platforms and largely precluded from the pages of music’s major broadsheets, but their story doesn’t end with shock value. They may be provocateurs, but they also make a fiery brand of post-punk that would sound just as good under a tamer moniker. -Fader

Listening to NYC quartet cumgirl8 feels like going back in time and catapulting to the year 2040 all at once. It’s a heady, latex-clad future-nostalgia that’s part dial-up chatroom, part pioneering punk, and three parts sex-positive dreamgirl from outer-space. -Hero

Their stage performances are a proverbial exclamation point, one that pogos from one act to the next. An incendiary noise romp that growls at and then humours its audience. -i-D

cumgirl8 is a rising punk band from NYC known for their raucous live shows.

Blast the bombastic quartet's spazzy spacey (and very solid) self-titled debut album below.

And then go see them play. That's the key. The key to everything. -OMR

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