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Foto - Event - WHITE HILLS (NYC, US)

Hailed by Pitchfork for their “loud, exhilarating and unhinged” live performances, New York City’s White Hills return to Europeanand UK stages this Fall. The fierce, genre-bending music made by core members Dave W. and Ego Sensation is risky and cutting edge, rooted in punk ethos and no-wave aesthetics. “Demented, wigged out and stupendously mind-blowing, White Hills can't be Brooklyn's best-kept secret much longer.” -LOUDER/Classic RockTheir forthcoming album, The Revenge of Heads on Fire, harnesses the energy of ferocious, hedonistic rock with blissful passages of dark ambience. Exploring themes of mortality, transformation and rebirth, the band reveals a spiritual depth unparalleled in previous works.“Dave W. and Ego Sensation have led the band to become simultaneously one of the best known and best kept secrets in live rock, a group that opens a vortex every time they hit the stage.”-PopMattersWhite Hills appear as themselves in Jim Jarmusch’s vampire romance film Only Lovers Left Alive.Their last album, Splintered Metal Sky, was hailed by The Quietus as the Best Psych Rock of 2020. “They’re like real life vampires, there’s something erotic about the way they carry themselves, but there’s always the chance they could drain all of your blood on a whim.”-Echoes & Dust“Space-rock warriors White Hills give the sense of being out of control, so high on so many things that you’re not sure what’s real anymore.”-StereogumWebsite: https://whitehillsband.comBandcamp: Music: