Ryskinder (Isr) KARADELIK (Berlin) FELICE AGOSTINI (Hamburg)

Do 16.02.23

Goldener Salon


Einlass: 20:00Beginn: 21:00

Eintritt: 12.00VVK: 9.00

Ryskinder (Isr) KARADELIK (Berlin) FELICE AGOSTINI (Hamburg)

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Experimental Rock Pop Kraut Elektronik

Ryskinder puts the Middle East in a cement mixer with Nintendo and shamanism. melting together power electronics, punk attitude and hip-hop beats with warm psych-rock groove. The result is an immersive and soulful Odyssee that jumps between genres, taking the audience on a wild ride of oriental soundscapes, exploding low-fi beats and loopy Hebrew rap. Ryskinder shows are a hypnotic experience, in which an array of wild audio, sub-bases and tribal drums crystalize into pop songs only to then break down into chaos. with percussionist Miho Shimomura (“Jaguar No Me”) expressive drumming and spacy vocals, and Asaf Eden´s ground breaking sampler work Ryskinder incorperates a multiverse of influencese from The Fall to Beasty Boys. Having extensively toured the Middle East and Europe, including as support for Mac De Marco, Dirty Beaches and Psychic Ills, Ryskinder has performed over 400 live shows, most recently at Fusion Festival, Berlin’s Synästhesie and Hamburg’s Off the Radar. Originally conceived as Eden’s one-man electro-psych band and subversive poetry output in 2005, Ryskinder’s unique style and lyrical reflections has since been acclaimed for fundamentally influencing the Israeli music scene and language and are currently getting more attention worldwide. Six albums, one EP as well as numerous singles and collaborative productions have so far been released by the Jerusalem native and Berlin-based artist on various independent labels. The upcoming album “Omets Homless” (eng. Homeless Courage) is expected in November 2022.

Kara Delik combines driving yet complex rhythms, gritty basslines and hints of traditional Turkish folk music. Inspired by the Anatolian rock music of the 70's, German Krautrock and Punk of the 80s, and their diverse experiences in Berlin's lively off-culture. At times experimental, post-punk, with a touch of shoe-gaze, they bring a new perspective to alternative music in the city.

Felice Agostini
Felice Agostini:

Imagine experiencing an interstellar motorcycle cruise through a subaquatic universe on a mushroom thats been
growing since before time itself began to disrupt space-tranquility. Sit back or move your body, either way Felice is your driver,
going full throttle but without a clue in a dorsoventral direction. If you want a more earthlike genuine rendition of the sounds
that might appear, here is a try: heavy noise scapes filtered through a void underlined with technoid dub softly punched in the face by a stoned-out punk.