Chixdiggit (Pop Punk, Canada) + Heartliners (HH)

So 09.07.23

Goldener Salon


Einlass: 19:00Beginn: 20:00

Eintritt: 15,00VVK: 12,00

Chixdiggit (Pop Punk, Canada) + Heartliners (HH)

Foto - Event - Chixdiggit (Pop Punk, Canada) + Heartliners (HH)

For over thirty years, several releases, dozens of international tours and hundreds of shows, Chixdiggit! has only ever wanted to have the most fun possible. Originally conceived as a Tshirt logo that three friends could sell at their high school, KJ Jansen, Mike Eggermont and Mark O’Flaherty quickly evolved into a real band with real instruments and real songs. With incredible hooks, infectious energy, inspired lyrics, and the singular motivation of having a laugh, the Calgary based band continued to produce some of the catchiest pop-punk around. Now alongside Tyler (Drums), Billy (Guitar), & Robbie (Bass), KJ carries on from scene to shining scene hoping you enjoy the show as much as they inevitably will.
Let’s hear it for that!

Heartliners is a Punk Rock band based in Hamburg, Germany. Formed in summer 2019, the band has been working on their own idea of "touched-by-pop" style of Punk Rock, mainly influenced by bands from the mid 90's.