Vomitarix (US) Die Pathognomiker (HH)Acid-Grind, Jazz-Core

Do 21.09.23

Goldener Salon


Einlass: 20:00Beginn: 21:00

Eintritt: 15VVK: 10

Vomitarix (US) Die Pathognomiker (HH)Acid-Grind, Jazz-Core

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Die Pathognomiker (HH)

I'm just going to say four names: Gyna Bootleg, Weasel Walter, Tim Dahl, Rick Eye. That should be sufficient, but i'll just add that "Morbid Florist" lives on through this potent debut of ridic dada ACID-GRIND

Are you exhausted with anonymous collegiate bores half-assing their sad, mediocre drivel on
the most expensive equipment daddy can buy? VOMITATRIX is, and they intend to do
something about it. Vomitatrix conjures up something you might call ACID-GRIND. Yeah, it’s
vaguely based on traditional hardcore/grindcore archetypes, but the result is explosive
hallucinatory madness, uniquely alchemical to the four personalities which make up the band.
The “songs” are inexplicable, off-the-rails structures that take perhaps one tiny grain from the
idiom and flesh them out into a vortex of bizarre energy and noise. It’s structured, but anything
can and does happen. It makes sense to them and they don’t really care if it makes sense to
you, but you just might feel something in the process. They just made a ludicrous, bombastic
demo, and intend to record a full studio recording slated for future release.
Waging war in the trenches of the underground scene since the ‘00s, Gyna Bootleg is an
unstoppable figure, hurtling their tortured soul and body through the void. Hailing from
Providence, RI, Gyna came up in confrontational rock groups like Tinsel Teeth (Load Records),
SIRE, and In Heat, recording and touring like there was no tomorrow. A performance art
persona began to emerge out of frustration with the limitations of the typical “band” format.
Their extreme, controversial, sometimes shockingly self-injurious, always cathartic physical
public aktions could not be ignored. In Vomitatrix, their emphasis shifts into the role of an
intense, engaging lead person, delivering unflaggingly demonic vocals and whirling up psyclonic
physical fury into the room.
RICK EYE (guitar)
Hailing from Denton, Texas, Rick Eye is a hyperactive bringer of warped creativity, wielding six
barbed-wire strings in an endless array of inzane groups including Flesh Narc, Bukkake Moms,
Gay Cum Daddies as well as many other collaborations. If you’re weird and you’re heading
down South, you’re gonna run into this guy, if you already haven’t. The true wildcard of
Vomitatrix, his ultra-obnoxious guitar skronkitude is almost uncontrollable, creating hilarious
negative space in the already ridiculously dense ensemble uproar. It’s like your mom screaming
at you to take out the garbage through the biggest P.A. in the world, or something. You may run
away in horror if you’re a wimp. His amplifier is a howitzer of cacophony, ruled by twisted alien
TIM DAHL (bass guitar, vocals)
The uncontrollable terror named Tim Dahl is known far and wide. Whether it’s Japan, Australia,
South America, or Idaho, Tim’s outrageous charisma never fails to leave its mark, and his
brontosaurus bass blastitude rattles all available cages. Wizard of electronic effect mangling,
both his 4 string revolt and his street-bum schizo vocal mumblings become perverted through a
battery of sordid circuitry. Many pundits have caught him in his bands Child Abuse and GRID, or
backing up Lydia Lunch in Retrovirus, but this madman has played with an inexplicable array of
luminaries from world-renowned old school jazzers like Yusef Lateef and Archie Shepp as well
as current cutting-edge mutants like Peter Evans, Tyshawn Sorey, and Mary Halvorson, to
bizarro icons like Jandek, Kool Keith, Rhys Chatham, Eugene Chadbourne, and Von LMO.
internationally known as the mastermind behind the three-decade long reign of the seminal
punk jazz/no wave/brutal prog hoarde The Flying Luttenbachers, Weasel Walter’s name is
whispered in fear by weird music fans as one of the top tier drummers in terms of sheer lunacy.
Prescient in his adoption of bona fide Black/Death/Grind drumming techniques into the idiom
of free jazz hypersplatter during the early ‘90s, his percussive insanity has only become more
severe and ridiculous over time (see Encenathrakh for proof). The “straight-man” member in
this sonic tragicomedy and a committed destroyer of form, his asymmetrical inclinations and
angular outbursts steer Vomitatrix into unknown avenues. He has done lots of other shit, as you
can find at

DIE beiden PATHOGNOMIKER Dirk Achim DHONAU und Lars RUDOLPH entwickeln ihre Musik aus
den Anzeichen, die mit psychischen Vorgängen des tierischen und menschlichen Körpers
einhergehen. Die ganze Eingebung der gespielten Musik entsteht dabei aus der Physiognomie von
Gestalt und Gesicht, der Motorik von Händen und Körpern, Stimmen und Sprechweisen; oft ist es
Gesang und vieles ist willentlich nicht erzeugbar, entsteht vegetativ und innersekretorisch beim
Musizieren, das heisst es werden innere Säfte gebildet. Die systematischen Versuche zur Klärung
der musikalischen Beziehung beider Spieler an Trompete und Schlagwerk, sowie die digitale
Erzeugung surrealer Ebenen, der Impetus, der erzeugte Klang, das Lied, all dies zwischen
Ausdruck und Eindruck, ein sich einpendelndes Erleben instinkthafter Klangwelten, befreit,
demaskiert, schafft Wohlklang und Befriedigung, eröffnet fremde Horizonte.