RuinsZu (ZU, Italy + Ruins, Japan) Maschin Kaput (HH)

So 19.05.24



Einlass: 20:00Beginn: 21:00

Eintritt: 20VVK: 15

RuinsZu (ZU, Italy + Ruins, Japan) Maschin Kaput (HH)

Foto - Event - RuinsZu (ZU, Italy + Ruins, Japan)
Maschin Kaput (HH)

RUINS from Tokyo Japan and ZU from Rome Italy have known each other,
been around each other, and toured together since the late 90’s.
Both bands are devoted to creating idiosyncratic forms that push music to its limits and
break any genre and style boundary, (you can call it prog-metal but it’s just scratching the surface).
It was long overdue that they would conspire and collaborate at some point in history.
So Ruins founder and permanent member, legendary drummer & vocalist Yoshida Tatsuya,
and both Zu founders and permanent members Luca T Mai and Massimo Pupillo (respectively sax and electric bass)
have formed the new creature RUINSZU and will tour Europe together for the first time in Spring 2024.
They will play live both Ruins and Zu material and also new music that they started to write.

The experimental improvisational music of maschin kaput oscillates freely between the broken, belling rhythms of a desolate steel-mill and the nearly indiscernible echo an under-oiled shopping cart bounces off the urban facades at night. A sonic therapy for the aesthetically tortured soul of the modern urban dweller.

A drum kit assembled from found items and scrap metal, abused instruments running into self-built contraptions, uncontrolled anger in the voice, an electronic ghost in the machine – all this forms the foundation for the sound of maschin kaput.

maschin kaput is a four-headed experimental noise improv band from Hamburg, Germany – watch a live recording of the gig pictured above on youtube

Insta @maschin_kaput
Bandcamp (check out our new tape テープ II )