The Meffs (UK)Two Pieces Punk Monster

Mi 31.01.24

Goldener Salon


Einlass: 20:00Beginn: 21:00Ende: 23:45

Eintritt: 16VVK: 12

The Meffs (UK)Two Pieces Punk Monster

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“Sounding fantastic. Pulling no punches as
ever” – John Kennedy, Radio X ****
“Packing a severe punch for a two-piece, and
clearly taking a lead from the early 80s anarcho
scene” – Vive Le Rock*****
“I fucking love this band” – Fat Mike, NOFX/Fat
Wreck Chords/Bottles to the Ground
“It’s [Broken Britain] an absolute monster” –
Frank Turner*****
“A bit of righteous Essex punk right there…
Absolutely filthy” – Jack Saunders, BBC***

The Meffs
Lily Meff (vox/guitar)
Lewis Meff (drums/backing vox)