POWERPLANT & Support: Kilo+++

Di 13.02.24

Goldener Salon


Einlass: 19:00Beginn: 20:00

Eintritt: 15.00VVK: 12.00

POWERPLANT & Support: Kilo+++

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Powerplant occurs somewhere in the shadows of synth and post-punk that produces music to be listened to only at night. Once a solitary bedroom project of Ukrainian Theo Zhykharyev, that found its footing on the Internet and grew meat around the bone, becoming a full animated live band with members of London experimental electronic and hardcore scenes.

Powerplant’s sound is ever evolving, stretching from early lo-fi garage-punk recordings, straight synth-punk ‘People in the Sun’ LP to post-punk ‘A Spine / Evidence’ EP and 2022’s unexpected hour-long dungeon synth release ‘Stump Soup’.

If seen live, you are guaranteed to smell the sizzle of synthesisers, hear fast precise drums - 100% live, jumpy giddy bass and a little guitar to go with unintelligible, yet mesmerising oral performance! This could be just your kind of thing!

To better days!


Kilo+++ (Groningen, NL)

DIY and avant-garde electropunk two-piece from Groningen, The Netherlands. Kilo+++ is delightfully camp and demonstrates urgency through electronics. Bordering on eggpunk with analog synthesizer and drummachine sounds, super special samples and signal-splitted guitar. Kilo+++ is the newest conceptual utterance part of independent punk organization The Hands Off Project, founded by members Tim Daniël Stienstra and Janneke de Boer.

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