Nightfeeder (Seattle, USA) + Atom Atom (HH)Crust - HC Punk - D Beat

Do 20.06.24

Goldener Salon


Einlass: 20:00Beginn: 21:00

Eintritt: 15.00VVK: 12.00

Nightfeeder (Seattle, USA) + Atom Atom (HH)Crust - HC Punk - D Beat

Seattle’s Nightfeeder is something of a supergroup, if there is such a thing in crust punk. With members from legendary bands such as Consume, Deathraid, and most notably, Jay Stiles from Disrupt, their first full-length album, Cut All of Your Face Off, was one of the most anticipated releases in the broader anarchist punk scene last year after a promising EP and promotional demo in 2021. The band consists of four members, each of whom has a long history in the Northwest anarcho/crust scene, and I’m happy to say that the high expectations I personally had for them have been more than met.

Dueling guitars culminating in thrashing stenchcore-y riffs and dark harmonics, Jay’s ever roaring and highly recognizable growls, and a lyrical attitude of utterly misanthropic pissed-off energy flow throughout this masterpiece of sound. You can clearly hear Consume’s brand of aggressive crustcore as well as Disrupt’s signature catchy riffs, sometimes bordering on grindcore.

But there’s something different about Cut All of Your Face Off, as much as it’s dark and extreme, there are these old school epic moments that vaguely remind you of UK Subs or even GBH. Or maybe it’s just the band’s unique brand of combining different sounds and experiences to create such a well composed and clear sounding record. It’s not at all a Dis-clone or a rehash of filler Disrupt riffs—as many bands in this scene generally try to sound, and that’s not a bad thing—paying homage to the greats. But not surprisingly, this band seems to have a different perspective, a unique vision if you will… Not just repeating what they did in their previous bands.

With members like Brandon Jones (guitar), Jay Stiles on second guitar and vocals and a killer rhythm section, Nightfeeder released an absolutely great and powerful album that sounds fresher than ever and leaves us crust-freaks thirsty for more. I’m sure their musical journey, as promising as it looks, will excite and even surprise us in the future because it looks like this sound is not at all dead. With the right attitude, people and conceptualization, you can do a lot—as it is shown here by these scene legends.

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