Chris Conde, Myles BullenRAP

Sa 22.06.24

Goldener Salon

Einlass: 20:00Beginn: 21:00

Eintritt: 14VVK: 10

Chris Conde, Myles BullenRAP

Foto - Event - Chris Conde, Myles Bullen
Foto - Event - Chris Conde, Myles Bullen

Chris Conde
Queer Brooklyn rapper Chris Conde (he/they) is “the most raw, brutal and incredible talent that US rap has produced in the last ten years" (Sun Burns Out, France).
Matching technical lyricism with subversive, punk rock bravado Conde’s live show tells the story of the rapper’s voyage out of drug addiction and internalized homophobia. It’s a blood-letting ritual punctuated by the Brooklynite’s sex-positive prowess that continues to challenge and inspire his audiences, while dramatically shifting the landscape of indie hip-hop.

Myles Bullen is a ukulele-playing rap singer from Portland, Maine.
Myles has toured nearly every state in the US as well as many European countries performing packed shows at music venues,
colleges, recovery centers, prisons, festivals, and libraries.
Myles sings songs about grief, mental health, navigating identity, relationships, and cartoon lore.
They released their most recent album, Mourning Travels, on indie record label, Fake Four Inc.
“Migratory songbird, rainbow-colored grief rapper,
story-screaming art poet/ planted & sprouted in Portland, ME,
often globetrotting to here & there.”
“Rainbow colored forever curious student of dark and scary things with the skills to take their
knowledge and transform it into beauty that makes the audience go “ you feel this too? You’ve
been there as well? We are all in this together?” Until life is less terrifying” - Squalloscope

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