SLIM CESSNA'S AUTO CLUB (Denver, USA) + The Complete Recordings of Hezekiah Procter (CAN)Americana - Country

Di 25.06.24

Goldener Salon


Einlass: 20:00Beginn: 21:00

Eintritt: 22.00VVK: 18.00

SLIM CESSNA'S AUTO CLUB (Denver, USA) + The Complete Recordings of Hezekiah Procter (CAN)Americana - Country

Foto - Event - SLIM CESSNA

~Slim Cessna’s Auto Club~
Why am I always expected to do these? I write fiction—questionable fiction at that. This
is my third attempt after being told by our manager to do and then redo a bio—I think I am
being kind in not pointing out the difference between biography and autobiography.
I typed keywords into the computer: Examples Of Band Bios. I certainly gleaned an
insight into…self promotion…so this is my final attempt, dont ask again and dont try and edit
and improve it to: Appeal to a wider audience. That is not us.
I will start—and I wish I could end—by saying, Thirty years, hundreds of songs. Wouldnt
it be nice to end right here? But, the internet said I needed to address other ‘fascinating points of
interest’. What genre are we? I dont want to be shoehorned anymore, I hope that we have made
our own. We helped create The Denver Sound and we continue to experiment and reinvent what
we are flattered to be a part of.
I am proud that we have taken total control of…everything, and continue to release music
and books on our own label SCACUNINCORPORATED. SCAC is releasing the second section
of Kinnery Of Lupercalia: Buell Legion. Only SCAC is able to faithfully represent the Buells
and their hopes and hates, humors and despairs. I usually dont listen to our albums after we
record them, however I might listen to this again. It finally captures the perfect balance between
our studio and live sound. Andrew and Dwight have graduated into what I would call, Advanced
Placement Recording. Everyone has found their place in SCAC and it shows on this album.
George—Emile Cessna’s brother—has joined SCAC on baritone bass and now forms a
formidable rhythm section with longtime drummer Andrew—I guess I should mention everyone
here. Though she would never say it, Rebecca—my girl— pushes the pedal steel and keyboard
into new territory. I now see Dwight cited as a major influence for both banjo and guitar players
and he cements those accolades on the Buell Legion. Slim’s voice is honed and better than ever…
and Myself, blah blah blah…
A person should not have to qualify a statement with, Honestly…but, honestly, SCAC is a
family and yet, We Want More Of You, everyone is invited and welcome. I like standing at the
merchbooth and seeing someone from our 90’s shows now bringing their children to see what this
life is all about. It is interesting to think that people would pay to see us jump about on stage,
actually give money to read and listen to what we are doing. I dont know why I have been chosen
to speak for everyone here, but I do know that everyone will say, We are grateful and appreciate
every time we are allowed to entertain you. We do not take it for granted. It is our job to alleviate
your burdens and welcome you to escape into our world. We are thankingyouandthankingyoua…
Ever yours, Munly J Munly , early 2024.