Antichrist Siege Machine (Black Metal, US) + Ascended Dead (Death Metal, US)

Mo 09.09.24



Einlass: 19:00Beginn: 20:00

Eintritt: 18.00VVK: 17.00

Antichrist Siege Machine (Black Metal, US) + Ascended Dead (Death Metal, US)

Foto - Event - Antichrist Siege Machine (Black Metal, US) + Ascended Dead (Death Metal, US)

As the mighty Evil has come to man, so has the Antichrist Siege Machine summoned darkness with their third LP, “Vengeance of Eternal Fire.” Expanding upon the latent evil in their hearts and inspired by the prophecies of Old, they cast their lot with the demons of Hell. Each track carries the banner of violence and chaos, furthering their commitment to utter brutality.

Antichrist Siege Machine has solidified support within the underground and after a highly successful touring cycle on their previous album, Purifying Blade, set their sights again upon Europe and the rest of the world. Following many sold out shows in Europe and in the United States, including a United Kingdom/Ireland tour with Full of Hell, multiple dates as direct support for Emperor in the U.S., and a co-headlining tour across Europe with Spirit Possession and Many Blessings spanning from Tilburg at Roadburn Festival to Incineration Fest in London. The reception in Europe was astounding thanks to the loyal fans supporting this triumphant siege. The Machine will return soon and promises nothing but the harshest and most aggressive onslaught yet!

ASCENDED DEAD is a Death Metal band from San Diego, California, founded in the summer of 2011 by J. REIDER, I. LAWRENCE, AND C. KORYN.   2012 saw the release of their first self-released demo, followed by their first EP, Arcane Malevolence (Blood Harvest Records 2014).  After a series of small tours on the West Coast, they unleashed their first full-length album, the acclaimed bestial Abhorrent Manifestation (Dark Descent Records/Invictus Productions 2017).  After a revolving door of bass players, K. SCHREUTELKAMP joined to complete the lineup, and the band embarked on a multitude of tours and festivals.  After the completion of their second full length album in 2023, bassist J. QUINTANA from the
original lineup joined for an exclusive run of performances.   Every release explores a different realm, but maintains the energy band sought to create since its inception.  Dark, chaotic, demonic, bestial Death Metal, without limitations.