ABGESAGT! URATSAKIDOGI (Black Hop, Moskau, Russland)

Do 17.03.22

Goldener Salon


Einlass: 20:00Beginn: 21:00

Eintritt: 16.00VVK: 13.00

ABGESAGT! URATSAKIDOGI (Black Hop, Moskau, Russland)

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URATSAKIDOGI (Black Hop, Moskau, Russland)

"Hi guys.
We have some bad news.
We - Uratsakidogi are forced to cancel our tour scheduled for this March.
The reasons for this are an act of military aggression undertaken by the Russian leadership against Ukraine and the outbreak of full-scale war, the emergence of flow of refugees from Ukraine to the EU countries, and general tension in the eastern part of Europe.
It is very difficult for us to make this decision, but it is impossible to conduct a tour in times of such anxiety and social instability.
We used to hope until the very end that common sense would prevail and there would be no war. We were wrong. We are very sorry.
We hope for a speedy end of this madness and the possibility of returning to normal life and concert activity.
Sincerely yours, Uratsakidogi"

From the frozen darkness of an Arctic ghetto, from the grim lairs of residential block castles, fromthe sullen stiffness of cellar gyms, come those sounds, groovy as the most brutal black rap and mental as the most vicious black metal.

The mystical music order of Uratsakidogi is here, with a lethal doze of new mind-blowing black-hop stuff.
Get it on, Mazafucka!

Black Hop I (Гитары чёрных металлистов)
Black Hop II (Black Hop на районе)
Black Hop V (КМС-ы Одина)
Black Hop IX (Оставь это себе. Cover by Tarakany!)

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