Austin Lucas

Sa 20.05.23

Goldener Salon


Einlass: 19:30Beginn: 20:30

Eintritt: 18.00VVK: 15.00

Austin Lucas

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Over the last two decades, the name Austin Lucas has become synonymous with emotionally impactful and intellectual songwriting, and unparalleled live performances. The critically-acclaimed artist and community organizer has earned high praise for their unique blend of folk, punk, and country. With their songcrafting prowess and dynamic stage presence, it's no surprise that Austin has shared stages with everyone from punk luminaries Face To Face and Against Me!, to alt-country icons Lucero and Sun Volt, to bonafide folk heroes Willie Nelson and Ray Price.

Austin's long history in the DIY punk scene forged an uncompromising attitude towards the way their art should be presented to the world. The desire to do things on their own terms has inspired countless artists over the years, while their iconoclastic heart has found them running afoul of industry executives-- those who could see Austin's place at the forefront of a cultural zeitgeist, yet preferred working with artists whose careers were seemingly easier to manipulate and commodify.

The "songwriters songwriter" will return to their "sometime" home on European shores for a series of special performances from the end of April until the end of May.

Praise for Austin Lucas...

"Astounding... terrifying and tender." - BBC Radio

"Seriously intelligent writing drenched in music that blurs the boundaries between country and rock, all underpinned by the intensity of punk." - RNR Magazine

" Lucas has been in this particular game for over two decades, and has used that time wisely in honing his sound and carving out a unique niche. Americana, punk, and folk all attract

their fair share of misfits, but there’s no one quite like him." - PITCHFORK

"Austin Lucas is one of our most uncompromising songwriters. His latest album, Alive in the Hot Zone, finds the troubadour honing his lyrics into a weapon. In this go-around, Lucas focuses on self-exploration, love, youth, and the wretched state of the world with unflinching clarity: a masterclass on well-trodden themes." - No Depression Magazine

'Made of muscular and well-toned roots-country, the thickness of which is where Mr. Lucas’s background in punk and hardcore peeks through." - The New York Times

"Unlike anything else happening in the realm of country and Americana." - Paste Magazine

"A beautiful slice of Americana, crafted in the shadows of dying factories and institutional neglect—a compelling, brutal snapshot of what happens when the American dream turns to ashes" - Vice Magazine (Noisey)

"Austin Lucas Transcends Americana." - The Nashville Scene

"The modern archetype of the musical troubadour, Austin Lucas is a songwriter's songwriter." - Popmatters