Takeshi's Cashew (Psychedelic Cosmofunk - AT) + Support: Collignon

Do 13.04.23

Goldener Salon


Einlass: 20:00Beginn: 21:00

VVK: 16.00

Takeshi's Cashew (Psychedelic Cosmofunk - AT) + Support: Collignon

Foto - Event - Takeshi
Foto - Event - Takeshi

Autobahn, Dancefloor, einsamer Strand – Takeshi’s Cashew vertonen jedes Szenario. Wild kombiniert und mit Fingerspitzengefühl arrangiert.

Irgendwo zwischen Musikschulstrebern und Anarchoband verwandeln die sechs Musiker mitausgefallenen Flöten, verwirrenden Gitarrenriffs, punktgenauer Perkussion, Vintage-Synths, hypnotisierenden Bässen und einer ordentlichen Brise Echo die Zuhörenden in optimistischeTräumer:innen und realistische Raver:innen. Auf ihr Debütalbum »Humans in a Pool« (2021) folgt bald »Enter J’s Chamber« (2023). Takeshis Cashew`s zweite LP mischt erneut groovy Rhythmen mit elektronischen Beats undhippieeskem 70's Psychedelic Rock - analog eingespielt und in kräftigen Farbtönen. Diesmalnicht mit Werner Herzogs Sinnieren, sondern Niklas Wandts Poetik als Voice-Over. Psychedelic Cosmofunk – live ein Muss, auf Platte ein Genuss.

Meet COLLIGNON, the eponymous brainchild of Jori Collignon, a keyboard player and producer who's made a name for himself in Dutch groups like C-Mon & Kypski, Nobody Beats The Drum, and Skip&Die. After years of living life on the road, Jori settled down in Portugal, where he built a music studio complete with a guesthouse.During the pandemic years Jori primarily worked from here, collaborating with artists from various countries and continents, with a particular interest in Lusophone music. Jori’s ability to mix and mash up different musical styles and genres, both traditional and electronic, makes him a one-of-a-kind producer and artist.

In 2022, COLLIGNON dropped his solo debut, “Lagoinha”. During a tour of 20 concerts around the Netherlands that summer, COLLIGNON evolved from a solo effort into a full-blown three-piece band.

Besides Jori, the band features Gino Bombrini on drums and percussion, and Yves Lennertz on guitar. Yves is best known as songwriter and guitar player of the band Yin Yin. Yves has a knack for traditional string instruments from Southeast Asia, like the Phin from Thailand, and is an expert on all things Southeast Asian music.Gino has been playing with Jori since the heyday of their band SKIP&DIE, touring the world and soaking up music wherever they went. Gino later formed the band Komodo and produced and mixed albums for many other artists, including Yin Yin.

The three musicians bring their A-game to the latest COLLIGNON recordings. The new music largely took shape on stage as the band reconnected with their audience after the sobering years of the pandemic. The result is some seriously energetic and uptempo music, with wild and exotic melodies from Yves, brilliant drumming from Gino (who's got a unique technique, playing the congas with his left hand and drums with his right), and Jori's signature musical landscapes created through his production and sound design. It's impossible not to get swept up in the energy at a COLLIGNON concert.